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ESAB's story is the tale of welding. When our founder, Oscar Kjellberg, invented the world's first coated welding electrode in 1987, he founded a firm whose creativity and unwavering standards helped shape welding history. For years, ESAB India Limited has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of Welding Equipments, Welding Products, Welding Consumables, Material Handling Equipments, Portable Inverters, and Welding Automation, Cutting Systems, Welding Accessories, etc. As a result, ESAB has established itself as a global leader in welding goods and innovative cutting systems. ESAB is a customer-focused organization that prioritizes continuous innovation and development.

Colfax Corporation, one of the world's biggest diversified industrial manufacturing businesses, purchased ESAB in 2012. Colfax, like ESAB, is a customer-focused organization that prioritizes continuous innovation and development. 

ESAB is structured to produce efficient, high-productivity solutions that satisfy client objectives while exceeding their expectations, regardless of market category. Continuous development of processes, materials, and know-how is focused on each discipline to address the difficulties given by the diversity of industry sectors we service. 

Brands We Deal In

To achieve success for our customers, workers, shareholders, and community, we focus, dedicate, and live our ideas. Our vision and values guide us in making strategic decisions, allocating resources, and positioning ourselves to provide best-in-class cutting and welding products that are available in the following brands:

  • Arcair
  • Exaton
  • Stoody
  • TBi Industries
  • Thermal Dynamics
  • Tweco
  • Victor Gas Equipment

Industries We Serve

ESAB provides a wide range of equipment and solutions such as Welding Equipments, Welding Products, Welding Consumables, Material Handling Equipments, etc for almost any welding and cutting process and application. We support industries that service the whole world, such as:

  • Automotive
  • General fabrication & civil construction
  • Pipelines
  • Pipe mills
  • Power generation
  • Process industry
  • Repair & maintenance
  • Shipbuilding & offshore
  • Transport & mobile machinery

Quality & Compliance

Our clients assess our performance as the global leader and expert in the field of Industrial Gas Equipment, ESAB Welding Consumables, Reclamation Welding Electrodes, CNC Plasma Cutting Machines, and others. These are applicable for medical, high purity, and industrial purposes. We strive to surpass our customers' expectations in all of our activities. For this, we follow the global Quality Management System. For its implementation, maintenance and enhancement, we undertake various steps. This also helps to assure the highest quality in all of our global activities, from product development and buying through manufacturing, sales, logistics, and customer support.

  • Using the Colfax Business System, we are constantly improving our quality performance to meet and exceed external and internal client expectations and relevant regulations (CBS).
  • Setting rigorous quality improvement goals for all of our activities, as well as continuous monitoring and assessing our performance and customer satisfaction.
  • We employ a CBS and Root Cause Countermeasure strategy to improve processes, minimize variation, and eliminate waste, with the goal of achieving zero defects in all we do. Speed and hurry must never take precedence over precision and control.
  • To build a real quality culture and become a continually developing firm, ESAB will teach, involve, and engage all of our workers and those working on our behalf.

Our Quality Certifications

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 14001:2015
  • OHSAS 18001:2007

Everyone at ESAB

  • Is accountable for their own and their colleagues' high-quality performance;
  • Focuses on preventative measures and increasing the quality of ESAB goods and services; 
  • Embraces and promotes the overall quality culture; and strives for zero faults in everything we do.

Our Founders

Oscar Kjellberg was the first to grasp the potential of strong flux coating to avoid air contamination, and he is widely regarded as the creator of the coated electrode. Since Kjellberg created Elektriska Svetsnings-Aktiebolaget (ESAB) in Sweden in 1904, the firm has led the welding industry in engineering and innovation, never losing sight of ESAB's initial purpose of providing the finest quality goods and services to its clients.

Alloy Rods Corporation, L-TEC Welding & Cutting Systems, All-State Welding Products, ESAB Automation, and ESAB Welding Products merged to become ESAB in 1989. These firms have over 300 years of expertise in the development of welding consumables and equipment and have created numerous revolutionary products and techniques, such as stainless stick and low hydrogen electrodes, as well as submerged arc, TIG ("Heliarc"), and MIG welding.

Why Us?

ESAB is a global manufacturer of welding and cutting equipment & consumables such as Industrial Gas Equipment, ESAB Welding Consumables, Reclamation Welding Electrodes, CNC Plasma Cutting Machines, and others. Our cutting-edge, world-class equipment and solutions are designed with client input and manufactured with the skills and tradition of a global manufacturing leader. We associate the ESAB brand with world-class competence in the following areas:

  • Manual welding and cutting tools.
  • Consumables for welding.
  • Automation of welding.
  • Automated cutting systems.

Warehouse & Infrastructure

We are committed to offer the best performance Industrial Gas Equipment, ESAB Welding Consumables, and many other products. For this, we have a well equipped infrastructure and a spacious warehouse.
  • Our infrastructure has 3 large production units.
  • Our warehouse has a strategic location, for fast order delivery.

Major Markets

ESAB India Limited now serves a global market. Our group is divided into the following regions.

  • North America
  • South America
  • Europe
  • Middle East & Africa
  • Asia/Pacific

Our Milestones

  • 1904: A leader is born. Elektriska Svetsnings-Aktiebolaget (ESAB) founded in Gteborg by engineer Oscar Kjellberg. In the beginning, operations focused very clearly on the shipyards' repair requirements.
  • 1906: Innovation unfolds. The patent is granted for Kjellberg's unique invention - the world's first coated welding electrode.
  • 1912: The Anglo-Swedish Electric Welding Co Ltd, London, is founded.
  • 1914: The Belgian-Swedish Electric Welding Co Ltd (BSEW), Antwerp, is founded.
  • 1919: La Soudure Autogne Franaise uses Kjellberg's method to build the ship "SAF no. 4". It is 20 metres long, 4 metres wide, and 2.3 metres deep.
  • 1920: The all-welded workshop boat "ESAB IV", 16 meters long and 4 meters wide, is launched.
  • 1920: Lloyd's Register of Shipping approves Kjellberg's welding method.
  • 1921: Kjellberg Elektroden & Maschinen GmbH, Berlin (later Kjellberg Elektroden & Maschinen GmbH, Finsterwalde) is set up.
  • 1932: ESAB-Iberica S.A., Madrid, Spain, is founded.
  • 1932: ESAB S.A., Brussels, Belgium, and PEAS in Prague in Czechoslovakia are established.
  • 1933: Welding Supplies Ltd., England, and ESAB-Denmark are set up.
  • 1935: ESAB-Elettrodi Rivestiti S.A., Milan, Italy is established.
  • 1936: The first issue of ESAB's publication, Svetsaren, is published.
  • 1937: Breakthrough development. The submerged arc welding method is invented, providing a versatile means of depositing large amounts of metal quickly, consistently, and safely.
  • 1938: Kjellberg-Eberle GmbH, Germany, is founded.
  • 1938: ESAB Norway is set up.
  • 1940: ESAB Welding Corporation in the USA is established.
  • 1942: The machine plant in Lax is opened.
  • 1943: ESAB-Finland is founded.
  • 1944: Revolutionary technology. The new process of TIG welding (called Heliarc) is introduced, providing greater control over the weld for stronger, higher quality results.
  • 1950: Quantum leap. Gas metal arc welding (GMAW) or MIG/MAG welding is developed. Its versatility and speed help make it the most commonly used industrial welding process.
  • 1945: A new production plant for cutting machines is set up in Frankfurt.
  • 1950: ESAB-France is set up.
  • 1951: Electrode production begins in Perstorp, Sweden.
  • 1953: ESAB-Brazil is established.
  • 1955: Plasma cutting emerges. The Linde Division of Union Carbide invents the plasma arc for cutting metals. Linde later became L-Tec, which was eventually purchased by ESAB.
  • 1956: ESAB-Austria is founded.
  • 1958: ESAB Arc Rods Ltd. in Montreal is established.
  • 1958: Mquinas ESAB Lta in Rio de Janerio is set up.
  • 1962: A branch factory for cutting equipment is set up in Rodheim, Germany.
  • 1971: Leading KEBE employees part from the company and found HANCOCK GmbH in Drnigheim, Germany.
  • 1972: ESAB Inc in the USA is founded.
  • 1972: A new electrode plant is built in Perstorp.
  • 1973: The black-and-yellow logotype is introduced.
  • 1974: ESAB-Ekman Welding Pte in Singapore, ESAB-Iran Co, ESAB-Roman, Portugal, and ESAB Manufacturing Inc, USA, are set up.
  • 1975: The cutting division of ESAB moves to the new production plant in Karben. ESAB Australia Pty Ltd, Australia, is established.
  • 1977: ESAB acquires Sarazin Soudure in France.
  • 1977: New electrode plant in Milan opens.
  • 1977: KEBE-Ersatzteile is founded to guarantee the delivery of spare parts for outdated flame cutting machinery.
  • 1981: ESAB takes over Varios Fabrieken B.V., The Netherlands.

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